How this trivago script works?


Usually many hotel owners or host would like to expand their business globally by opening online hotel or room booking websites but nowadays their wish to an extent of showing the hotels list with prices, ratings & reviews, location for comparison purpose like trivago. For this comparison purpose only Bootsgrid find out and get solution like trivago from this script ( First they would need to see the difference between hotel booking concept and trivago based website nothing trivago is only showing of hotels lists with prices, ratings & reviews, from various booking websites such as, Expedia, Travelfusion and so on. But normal hotel booking website work as you go and search for hotels based on your destination or go directly to the hotel’s website and book it there. Make clear that trivago showing the various number of hotels list based on your destination location and compare the prices from various source of websites. If you’re the one who passionate in developing your hotel business online like trivago then this script is only tailored for you.  Also this script fully developed on PHP CodeIgniter framework so it ensures you more secured features with user-friendly functionalities. But we need only API key from you to integrate with website from various booking websites if you have any.

Trivago Clone Script: 

In our trivago script as of now only it works similar to hotel booking website not like price comparison or budget comparison of hotels so that we recommend many of our customers to buy the API key from several hotel booking websites or if they have any website already for their hotels then give the API key for integrations. Then it will show same like to trivago based websites which allows the users to search the hotels based on their chose destination with check in and checkout date. First if you would need to get the website like trivago to sort out the hotels list from some of the booking websites then before approaching us for development please make sure either you having the API key if not then list your hotel or having any affiliate program with some of the booking websites like, Expedia, Travelfusion, Make my trip, and so many booking websites are already available in trivago. Once after getting API key then will support you further in developing trivago based website by integrating API key and slight customization changes if you need anything. After API integrations it will show you like trivago from searching of hotels based on destination locations with accommodates, reviews & ratings, prices from various websites, get deal with specific result by approaching on “view deal” button. For your reference website will be shown like in the below image after integrated API.

After successful launch of website for every hotel owners having doubt about in reaching the particular group of audience no worries stay cool this Trivago Clone Script assure the best SEO friendly links and user-friendly features such as filtering of hotels list by guest rating, accommodation types (4-star hotel, 5-star hotel, vacation rentals), filters by hotel amenities, facilities, recommended price range, distance range and so on. This filter gets good results in searching for hotels with best prices and excellent amenities.

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