Why should I use this Trivago Clone Script for my business?


This difficult choice for all the hotel owners to further enhance the hotels business now in this tech era of digital and also here in the current market many trivago based clone solution or something same like normal hotel booking website but not sure they are all top notch script with seductive list of features for users, hotel owners and admin at the same time it ensures more security along with responsive of features in all devices such as Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Mac and so on. But in that case we pride for developing this pleasant script on PHP specific on CodeIgniter framework so it assures the users more secured functionalities with more user-friendly number of features. Another important thing every business owners would take accountability to consider expansion of the business in future within this online business is SEO friendly URLs to reach right group of audience once successful launching of the business so for this problem only solution bounded with our trivago script (https://bootsgrid.com/trivago-clone-script/). Also for many new hotel business entrepreneurs might be have query in kick starting the online hotel business idea but they failed to grab the right choice with perfect solution here Bootsgrid provides the best solution to groom and grow up regularly with our Airbnb script Flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/). If you’re the one who are very passionate in getting online hotel business then this tailor made solutions are only for you in beginning your success journey in this online hotels platform.

Trivago Clone Script:

This trivago script would make every hotel owners with enthusiastic to launching the custom made online hotel booking system by showing the results with filtering and comparing of different list of hotels based on the user’s destination point which are available in some of the booking websites such as Booking.com, Expedia, Travelfusion and so on. But now in our script clearly allow the users to book the hotels or rooms online without comparing of list of hotels by prices in terms of budget concern as same like trivago because at this point we have some responsibility in clearing your query need API key for showing the prices of hotels based on their user search which are fetched from different kind of booking websites. Our advice is to you are kindly welcome to pick this script but not right away without getting API in your hands so let’s say once getting integrated API key then it will surely become an unique and out of the box solution for  your business. Also many hotel owners might be need app solution and they could give high preferences to mobile apps but here this script would ensure great responsiveness with compatibility for all devices. After successful launching of website some of the business owners getting curious and tensed in marketing online which leads to create branding among the audience so perfect keywords and SEO friendly system would results in good lead generations. Also another one essential factor need to clear before purchasing this script is here the payment processing will never happen since everything is on the booking websites such as booking.com.


  • Overall management done by owners: As a host they could manage everything from Hotel, room type, destinations type, photo gallery management and User booking history so on within their account dashboard and at the same time they can show the currency and language based on their country by choosing on respective dropdowns.
  • Coupon control management: At the very first time owner can able to provide the coupon code to get the discount prices for the first time users so it will leads to maintain good long term relationship between the hotel owner and user. Also this coupon code system will also be managed by admin from backend.
  • User details with reservations: Hotel owner can able to manage the user reservation details with their contacts such as name, reservation details. Managing of Booking order history separately for each user within their account by owner. Also the reservations available with pie chart for viewing the exact statistics per day and this count will also be able to see in backend by admin.
  • Confirm or cancel order: After reservation received from user then host could decide whether to accept or cancel the booking by managing their room’s availability then only user can able to checkin the hotel and stay for allotted booking dates.
  • Sending user notification: After confirmed booking user will get notified via mail and phone number but only owner getting accepted their booking. Owner alerts the user for nearer checkin date and time via mail and SMS.
  • Manage owners and users by admin: An admin could have more responsibility in manage everything from owners, users, bookings, hotels, full site backup, payment settings, currencies, languages, static pages, meta tag, description, keywords for SEO purpose, destinations and cities management etc from backend.
  • Cancellation policy management: Admin could be able to manage the cancellation policies for all the users by adding new cancellation terms and conditions or updating any changes to the content from backend. They can able to set the rules and terms for users those who cancelling their booking at last minute.
  • Social follow ups management: admin can able to manage the social followers from backend those who are in follow ups with admin via any social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • Multi admin with roles: Don’t confuse about admin and multi admin here within this script main admin can create number of sub admin by assigning roles as editor, manager and so on for handling the some of the tasks from backend.
  • Easy to install and make custom changes: Since this is purely developed on PHP codeigniter framework so it is very easy to install and make any custom changes in design with hassle free by any technical experts or web masters.
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