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23 Jan 2020

Why should I use this Trivago Clone Script for my business?

This difficult choice for all the hotel owners to further enhance the hotels business now in this tech era of digital and also here in the current market many trivago based clone solution or something same like normal hotel booking website but not sure they are all top notch script with seductive list of features for users, hotel owners and admin at the same time it ensures more security along with responsive of features in all devices such as Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Mac and so on. But in that case we pride for developing this pleasant script on PHP specific on CodeIgniter framework so it assures the users more secured functionalities with more user-friendly number of features. Another important thing every business owners would take accountability to consider expansion of the business in future within this online business is SEO friendly URLs to reach right group of audience once successful launching of the business so for this problem only solution bounded with our trivago script (https://bootsgrid.com/trivago-clone-script/). Also for many new hotel business entrepreneurs might be have query in kick starting the online hotel business idea but they failed to grab the right choice with perfect solution here Bootsgrid provides the best solution to groom and grow up regularly with our Airbnb script Flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/). If you’re the one who are very passionate in getting online hotel business then this tailor made solutions are only for you in beginning your success journey in this online hotels platform.

Trivago Clone Script:

This trivago script would make every hotel owners with enthusiastic to launching the custom made online hotel booking system by showing the results with filtering and comparing of different list of hotels based on the user’s destination point which are available in some of the booking websites such as Booking.com, Expedia, Travelfusion and so on. But now in our script clearly allow the users to book the hotels or rooms online without comparing of list of hotels by prices in terms of budget concern as same like trivago because at this point we have some responsibility in clearing your query need API key for showing the prices of hotels based on their user search which are fetched from different kind of booking websites. Our advice is to you are kindly welcome to pick this script but not right away without getting API in your hands so let’s say once getting integrated API key then it will surely become an unique and out of the box solution for  your business. Also many hotel owners might be need app solution and they could give high preferences to mobile apps but here this script would ensure great responsiveness with compatibility for all devices. After successful launching of website some of the business owners getting curious and tensed in marketing online which leads to create branding among the audience so perfect keywords and SEO friendly system would results in good lead generations. Also another one essential factor need to clear before purchasing this script is here the payment processing will never happen since everything is on the booking websites such as booking.com.


  • Overall management done by owners: As a host they could manage everything from Hotel, room type, destinations type, photo gallery management and User booking history so on within their account dashboard and at the same time they can show the currency and language based on their country by choosing on respective dropdowns.
  • Coupon control management: At the very first time owner can able to provide the coupon code to get the discount prices for the first time users so it will leads to maintain good long term relationship between the hotel owner and user. Also this coupon code system will also be managed by admin from backend.
  • User details with reservations: Hotel owner can able to manage the user reservation details with their contacts such as name, reservation details. Managing of Booking order history separately for each user within their account by owner. Also the reservations available with pie chart for viewing the exact statistics per day and this count will also be able to see in backend by admin.
  • Confirm or cancel order: After reservation received from user then host could decide whether to accept or cancel the booking by managing their room’s availability then only user can able to checkin the hotel and stay for allotted booking dates.
  • Sending user notification: After confirmed booking user will get notified via mail and phone number but only owner getting accepted their booking. Owner alerts the user for nearer checkin date and time via mail and SMS.
  • Manage owners and users by admin: An admin could have more responsibility in manage everything from owners, users, bookings, hotels, full site backup, payment settings, currencies, languages, static pages, meta tag, description, keywords for SEO purpose, destinations and cities management etc from backend.
  • Cancellation policy management: Admin could be able to manage the cancellation policies for all the users by adding new cancellation terms and conditions or updating any changes to the content from backend. They can able to set the rules and terms for users those who cancelling their booking at last minute.
  • Social follow ups management: admin can able to manage the social followers from backend those who are in follow ups with admin via any social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • Multi admin with roles: Don’t confuse about admin and multi admin here within this script main admin can create number of sub admin by assigning roles as editor, manager and so on for handling the some of the tasks from backend.
  • Easy to install and make custom changes: Since this is purely developed on PHP codeigniter framework so it is very easy to install and make any custom changes in design with hassle free by any technical experts or web masters.
22 Jan 2020

How can I develop my hotel business as Trivago?

In this modern era for many hotel owners getting hectic in optimize their business further over technologies but they ended up in approximate solution by opening normal hotel booking website since lack of SEO friendly web solution script making negative impacts throughout the journey in running hotel business. But now everything is fine here you grab the best trivago script which is developed by Bootsgrid (https://bootsgrid.com/trivago-clone-script/). Here with this script you could run your business successfully hassle free for long term and lifetime because it is developed in the conscious mind of user-friendly, responsive and secured functioning of features all time. Mainly it is developed in PHP codeingiter framework so assures more secured functionalities but only one essential key needed to kickstart the Top notch trivago business is API key from your booking website partners such as Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, Orbitz and some familiar hotel booking websites as same as in Trivago. Maybe you have some hesitate in developing online hotel rentals or room rentals for your own business before integrating as Trivago then stay cool here similar script to get succeed in online rental business as Airbnb (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/) this script included of three different type of end users as (Host, guest and admin) with massive number of features integrated in it. Let’s get explore more about our trivago script in the following section.

Trivago Clone Script:

Many of the users getting confused about trivago and normal hotel booking websites since they are not clear about both so we are here to get clear about and difference between this two pillars of online hotel business. In our trivago seem to be as general hotel booking website such as Booking.com, Hotels.com and so on which allows the single owner to list their hotel or rooms online for users too book online with the same. For trivago concept website require API key from your end to integrate with the website which allows us to show the list of hotels by price range, ratings & reviews, amenities or facilities available in the hotel all are based on their chosen destination before they starting their journey for any vacation trips or business trips. Also another one thing you would need to be clear is after integrating the API our script only shows the hotels list as in trivago but not any payments or transactions are processed within our script since it redirects to the booking websites and they could take care of everything from payment and transactions. Before purchasing this script make sure you have API key for proceeding integrations processes which are highly needed to us. But we are sure you will get the best and talkative website like trivago form design, functionalities and other features most essentially SEO friendly websites to reach exact group of audience. Let’s get deeper insight ove the features in trivago script.


Features in Trivago Clone Script:

  • Social signup/signin and sharing: User could have opportunity to signup/signin their account by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and G-mail at the same time they can share the hotels via same social medias.
  • Multi currencies and languages: As their wish user can able to view the prices in their currencies and set the language for their convenience by selecting from the respective dropdown in the front as same in trivago. At the same time admin can manage (add/edit/delete) this stuff in backend.
  • Search by advanced filters: User could done the searching process by entering exact location and find relevant list of hotels with comparison factors such as Price, ratings & reviews, guests and room types etc.
  • Quick view: By using this quick view option user can able to view the hotels or rooms for instantaneous view to clear about its price, facilities and so on without landing on list detail page and it will show every information within popup for quick view.
  • Compare hotels: Users will be surely getting confused when choosing the best hotel so they can able to compare their search results by several filters such as by Price range, accommodates, guests ratings & reviews and amenities provided by hotels.
  • Set favorite hotels: If an user might interested in few hotels then they can set it as their favorite list and it would be good for comparing the prices, features for future reservation or booking purpose.
  • Map view: For getting exact hotels list based on the user location then this map view will really help them to get the exact the hotels results from their search result based on their current locations.
  • Manage Booking history: User could manage their reservations history by Past, current and upcoming within their account dashboard.
  • SEO friendly system: Admin could maintain the SEO things such as Meta tag, Meta keywords and Meta description for SEO related activities in backend. It surely reach the perfect audience in their market.
  • Mobile verification and notification via mail: Each user could receive mobile verification code at the first time login and for every actions they could receive the notification via mail and mobile.
22 Jan 2020

How this trivago script works?

Usually many hotel owners or host would like to expand their business globally by opening online hotel or room booking websites but nowadays their wish to an extent of showing the hotels list with prices, ratings & reviews, location for comparison purpose like trivago. For this comparison purpose only Bootsgrid find out and get solution like trivago from this script (https://bootsgrid.com/trivago-clone-script/). First they would need to see the difference between hotel booking concept and trivago based website nothing trivago is only showing of hotels lists with prices, ratings & reviews, from various booking websites such as Booking.com, Expedia, Travelfusion and so on. But normal hotel booking website work as you go and search for hotels based on your destination or go directly to the hotel’s website and book it there. Make clear that trivago showing the various number of hotels list based on your destination location and compare the prices from various source of websites. If you’re the one who passionate in developing your hotel business online like trivago then this script is only tailored for you.  Also this script fully developed on PHP CodeIgniter framework so it ensures you more secured features with user-friendly functionalities. But we need only API key from you to integrate with website from various booking websites if you have any.

Trivago Clone Script: 

In our trivago script as of now only it works similar to hotel booking website not like price comparison or budget comparison of hotels so that we recommend many of our customers to buy the API key from several hotel booking websites or if they have any website already for their hotels then give the API key for integrations. Then it will show same like to trivago based websites which allows the users to search the hotels based on their chose destination with check in and checkout date. First if you would need to get the website like trivago to sort out the hotels list from some of the booking websites then before approaching us for development please make sure either you having the API key if not then list your hotel or having any affiliate program with some of the booking websites like Booking.com, Expedia, Travelfusion, Make my trip, hotels.com and so many booking websites are already available in trivago. Once after getting API key then will support you further in developing trivago based website by integrating API key and slight customization changes if you need anything. After API integrations it will show you like trivago from searching of hotels based on destination locations with accommodates, reviews & ratings, prices from various websites, get deal with specific result by approaching on “view deal” button. For your reference website will be shown like in the below image after integrated API.

After successful launch of website for every hotel owners having doubt about in reaching the particular group of audience no worries stay cool this Trivago Clone Script assure the best SEO friendly links and user-friendly features such as filtering of hotels list by guest rating, accommodation types (4-star hotel, 5-star hotel, vacation rentals), filters by hotel amenities, facilities, recommended price range, distance range and so on. This filter gets good results in searching for hotels with best prices and excellent amenities.

20 Jan 2020

How can I develop my hotel business online?

Whenever rental business owners trying and striving many number of times to enhance their business with uncountable number of features which would ensures greater impacts and changes among the customers by listing their property and booking the property or hotels online. But nowadays people expecting more and multi number of features new and attractive one with smart functions to reduce the time consumption while they utilizing the app or rentals software online so for satisfying those user’s expectations only many rental owners or property owners knocking the door of development agencies to bigger opening of online rentals business like Airbnb. Here comes the best and ready made vacation rentals solution which is developed by Bootsgrid on PHP codeigniter framework and its name is Flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/). See now we would discuss more about the features and functionality are much needed to integrate with online rentals business as currently in Flyout.

Flyout vacation rentals script:

Flyout is not only just gateway or platform for listing the hotels online by host and booking of the property online by guest from another end but also it is an readymade php solution for those who are passionate in massive opening of rentals business online since it ensures more greater features and functionalities which are suitable for all online rental business. This PHP rentals solution allows the vacationers or travelers to search and find the best rentals and book online depends on their check in and check out date by using their payment options such as PayPal, Stripe and credit card online. After their stay at the specified and also from the other end this script enables the host to list their hotels or property online by providing description and listing out of amenities which are available within their property. Normally user could first signin/signup on the site either they are as guest or host maybe some of the users could do signin/signup by using any social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or any Google accounts and let them move over to the respective processes further.


  • Instant booking: Usually whenever the customer need to book property or hotel rooms need to accept by host through which them allowing guest to allocate the rooms but in some sort of emergency or any urgent need to book the hotels not needed to approve their booking by host.
  • Cover globally: In this modern era everyone getting attached with latest technological stuffs so many of us would like to do the things in fast manner. This rentals script is multi language supported and there is no restriction in using this regardless of country and language.
  • Max and minimum stay: Not every host allowing the guest to stay for maximum number of days or nights some may have providing the property for rent to only few members since it might be capable of spaces if they have to occupy members in count as minimum and  renta the property for minimum number of days.
  • Signup/sign in: Nowadays without social media we could feel like without hands so here providing multiple ways of signin or signup options to the users which are allowing them easily for take first footstep into the platform like providing signin/signup using Facebook, Twitter and Google for instantaneous signin or signup.
  • Multi payment system: As of now many payment methods are available online to book the property or list the property but almost highly preferred Payment methods of system are PayPal, Stripe, Credit card/debit card.
  • Mail and mobile notifications: For each functions from booking reservations by sending request to host and from other end host accepting reservation which is sent by guest admin will get notified via mail and mobile number.
  • Booking request: For booking the hotels or available property online guest once they reserved or booked the hotel it will be send as an request to the respective host who can decide to accept the reservation or not.
  • Accepting reservation: Except instant booking reservations host would need to respond for usual reservation request which are sent by guest after they booked by making payments. Accepting the reservation or ignoring its all in the hands of host. If they accepting the reservation then the can do it by providing the commission fee to admin.
  • Refunds and policies: If it in case of ignoring the reservation by host then the guest would get refunded amount from admin which are already paid for booking the hotel or property online.
  • Advanced search: With the help of smart search in Flyout guest can able to search by places, amenities and check in and checkout date and filtering the property based of price range and amenities which are provided by host and get the exact map  location depends on their search location with the help of Google Map integration.
14 Jan 2020

How can I improve my restaurant business?

There is no doubt in improving your restaurant business by establishing over online with very on-demand and feature-rich PHP script which are only developed in the conscious of SEO friendly system. If you’re the restaurateur exploring internet to optimize your business online with very compact solution with high performance of functions then this tailor made solution is only for you Book table PHP restaurant reservation system which are developed by Bootsgrid. Many restaurateurs stepping their foot forward to shine like star in the business since doing business online would be an greater way to generating more revenues rather than doing it in regional or remote locations. Because in every business at some point need to adopt with some new technologies in order to getting more hype and becomes trending online by receiving appropriate feedback from your guest then it will be easy to develop your business further online and becomes reputed restaurant globally.

Single restaurateur script:

With our restaurant table reservation script even single restaurateurs also grab the success first by opening online restaurants with multi smart features such as high performance of functions are executed by very compact of codes which are used while developing this script. Another hectic task of managing all the reservations at the same time online for most of the restaurateurs so stay cool for managing all the reservations from backend with automation feature since it will take care of avail the remaining tables for user to book it other than already booked one. Many host or restaurateurs still would not like to heading their business online since they feel not sure about their business will get familiar in short span of time Just eradicate your conscious from now on since here you’re getting the SEO friendly online restaurant solution script from Bootsgrid. Another problem for most of restaurateurs or business owners will be afraid for any strangers or hackers to access their site and will make them collapsed by putting server down beat your fear by our secured script since it is protected against SQL injection. We will discuss about some of the feature in our script.

Key features:

  • Pure PHP script: Very simple and easy code we have used so it allows the technical experts or webmasters to make their own custom changes and it will get reflect on front end.
  • High performance: It works faster and performing high even at the point of using bulk volume of database and users in your website with assured responsive support and flexibility in code to implement new changes in functionality and as well as in design.
  • High efficiency and reliability: In PHP MVC (Model, view & controller) our script 1000 time ensures good performance with high efficiency and reliability.
  • Single admin: Nowadays almost every admin could take control of entire site process without trust on anybody and of course they wouldn’t need any assistance to managing the admin tasks. Since single admin handling results in restrictions of strangers to work on admin area which would assures the security in managing backend.
  • Secured against SQL injection: Since it is developed with more attention on securing the files and databases so nobody as strangers get hacked the website via SQL injection, cross site scripting and remote file inclusions such as uploading of threat files or images etc.
  • User permissions: Site owner or admin of the site could provide the user access to multi users by assigning roles as editor, designer, and manager and so on to do their tasks on admin panel. But without access permission they won’t make any changes.
  • Encrypted passwords: If any users such as editor, manager, executive or something they like that they are playing such roles to update any changes then they would need to enter their username and password for security purpose.
  • Restaurant management section: This script enables the restaurateurs to actively manage the restaurants by uploading it with images, description with details such as restaurant working hours, availability of tables, menus, and cuisine types and so on.
  • Table booking automation: Stay relax and run your restaurant reservation business online for 24/7 and allocating the tables with availability for users to book online by showing availability of tables which would enable them to book online by considering the availability.
  • Reservation management: One of the hectic tasks for restaurateurs is managing all the reservations manually no worries here in this script you can manage the reservations with booking date by using calendar and then managing user details such as name, contact information, managing all the reservation list such as check the ordered booking date and status all the booking details.
  • Enhance business with some marketing tricks: Script would enable the restaurateurs to expand their business by providing more offers such as discounts, coupon codes, referral earnings it will lead to increase your customers count at the beginning stage of your business then it will allow you to enhance your business growth at high peak.
10 Jan 2020

What is the purpose of using Restaurant Book table?

Many restaurateurs surfing their brain in depth idea of enhancing usual restaurant business which are running successfully against their competitors. At some point they might be looking for something new concept of restaurant table reservation which allow customer to make reservation of table online depends on their location, category of search results, cuisine type and menus etc. From this you may get clear about one thing is technology still dominating all over the world by taking their footsteps forward on each and every domain. From the perspective of restaurateurs this new born online business will making greater impacts on the relevant hotel/restaurant business and at the same time if we think from user’s view they will also get more benefits from this new system such as Booking restaurants table online by choosing their best from search results and would make them pay online for each booking which leads to drive discounts or offers from the restaurateurs on upcoming reservations. If you’re the one who looking for better changes in your restaurant business by integrating such restaurant table reservation script then no better choice other approaching Bootsgrid to enquire about it via live chat, e-mail or Skype directly regard with respective support staffs.

Purpose of Book table:

Actually we came up with idea of table reservation system for hotels or restaurants online through PHP CodeIgniter framework which would make experience our customers better to integrate within their online restaurants since we developed this script in the conscious of security and easy. Also we never omit single restaurateurs who are very curiously in developing their business further by improvised of smart features online. This is not only for multi restaurateurs but also it would be an opportunity for single entrepreneurs in this online restaurant platform to enlarge their restaurant business online. When they integrate this divine table reservation script through online and it will gives tons of greater improvements business such as from driving new customers online, met with long term customers via online by giving more user credits in terms of discounts or offers or coupon codes at their first arrival on site. Also no worries for payments or transactions because already the script integrated with more popular online payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree and PayU (Indian payment) by enabling one of these or multi payment solution it will surely seduce more new customers since users would be very clear in paying online for reservations which would make the payment process more easier rather than paying via cash. As a restaurateur you’re invited to take on board with our script and get custom made restaurant table reservation system for your business.

07 Jan 2020

What is Book Table and its features?

In this tech era every business turns the head and giving more respect with proper attention towards technologies like Hotel business run it via online or just simply list in Airbnb, Clothing store, Book store and so on enhance the business further online by grand opening of online store. Today we are also going to see more about such on demand table reservation system of restaurants by user similar to ticket booking or seat booking of theatre. This on-demand table reservation system will boost up the restaurant business by reaching right audience in quick manner and generate more revenues for restaurateurs online rather than running in remote area or locality since it will expand the business to bigger.

Book table:

Book Table is an on demand table reservation script which is developed in PHP codeigniter framework with more compact of files which leads to perform the actions in very quick mode of transitions. Many restaurateurs would like to develop their business online by inaugurating the table reservation which would drive many users to book the table online and order food to enjoy any occasions with friends and family. It will be more helpful for all the restaurateurs to list their restaurants by choosing membership plans (silver, Gold and diamond) based on their chosen packages they will get appropriate benefits.


Simple and speed performance:
Due to very compact in file size of codes which are used in the script so it results in high speed performance to the end users whenever they accessing this product.

Responsive design:
It is developed only by considering users of Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet those who are using other than desktop or PC so it is very compatible for all devices.

Reservation management:
Every reservations can be managed by users, restaurateurs and admin within their respective account dashboard and especially admin would have power to manage everything from backend which are relevant to reservations.

Each and every user can able to do signin/signup process by providing their e-mail Id and password or otherwise go with social media logins by using Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts.

Multi language and currency management:
This script is not restricted for specific language, region and currency at all. It supports for all users, restaurateurs globally.

Easy to understand this concept of restaurant booking with table reservations so not needed of much technical knowledge to proceed by normal people as users and restaurateurs.

Multi payment modes:
Familiar online payment methods are available to book and list the restaurants online by using PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.Net and PayU (Indian online payment) and on the other side offline payments are also available user could make the payment via (Cash, wire transfer or CC at restaurants).

User end:
From the user end they can able to signin/signup by providing e-mail Id and password or simply by using social media accounts. Then they can search for restaurants which are nearer to their locations and select one from the search. Book it via online by making payments such as PayPal, stripe, Authroize.Net and PayU. After booking of restaurants they will get notified via SMS and e-mail.

Restaurateur activity:
Signin/signup with e-mail Id and password or done via social logins. Then they would need to choose their package (silver, Gold and Diamond) and get benefits based on the chosen package. Then system will allow them list the restaurants online by making the payment for listing fee to admin.

Admin management:
Admin would get responsible and accountable in managing everything from admin panel such as User management, restaurant and restaurateurs management, multi language, currency and payment management, manage booking management and so on.


07 Aug 2019

How can I sell my products online like Flipkart?

Every business getting optimized and become very hyped one with many new technologies in this modern era. Of course people already switched their business mind to trending and hot one that’s why many entrepreneurs kick start their business with new innovative ideas which shatters the brain of their customers strongly once foot their first baby step. So in this era of digital age one should need to start with sizzling feature by opening online website even if they would wishes to do any stationery or any grocery stores it leads to reach many customers globally like Flipkart, Amazon and so on. Launching of any online business is very trendy to easily engage with your customers quickly and globally. For opening of any online just pick the Bootsmart Multivendor clone which is having astonishing features like Coupon code, Gift card and so many things are awaiting for you on the following link (https://bootsgrid.com/bootsmart-multivendor-script/). Maybe if one would like to start the business with exciting features and ideas in online business perfect solution for them is our Bootsmart because which make them feel after landed real marketplace experience like Flipkart or Amazon. First before opening the online shopping business the vendor of shop could have an idea to implement the website how it looks like? What is their main target to reach within the market? These are one of the key ideas to start the online shopping business/website.

Online shopping business:

Before we go in depth with this session first should need to understand why many people buying the products online nowadays? Since there is only reason behind that is they can able to buy anything what they want online and also sometimes they could be benefit of buying with any offers, discounts and cash backs etc. At the same time for vendor they can sell the products without location or currency restriction and covers their business globally just sell the products online. This gives more flexibility of payment and transactions to both buyer and sellers. Yes of course if the buyer couldn’t have any PayPal account then they could be decided to go with stripe, credit card and COD etc or with some other options like Check or Money order. So anyway both buyer and seller gains more benefits while purchasing and selling the products online and also many of the people having the doubt if buying the products online, is it secured one? Or are there any chances for fraudulent activities? For this reason most of the E-commerce websites are available with highly with highly secured functionalities by implementing the ideas in either Magento or code igniter frameworks on PHP. I would like to share another interesting information about E-commerce sector is many traditional online stores were already getting moved towards the secured sites in Magento and at the same time many E-commerce web development companies are highly recommending the secured framework like our Bootsmart multivendor clone(https://bootsgrid.com/bootsmart-multivendor-script/) which is made of code igniter framework with ensured security of everything like Payments, transactions, orders, sign in/sign out.

Bootsmart Responsive

Features in Bootsmart:

  • Multi vendor: Actually this is not only the cheap and simple solution for E-commerce website because it would having greatest advantage of everything is Multi vendor concept to sell many products by creating multiple stores included of multi categories. Better solution for selling items unlimited.
  • Multi stores: Since this is multi vendor solution there are many stores are available for customers to filtering the categories and products which make them easily purchase it.
  • Multi language and currencies: There is no country restriction or currency restriction to run the E-commerce business online, since it reaches globally regardless of region and continent. It benefits both vendor and admin to gain more profit.
  • Multi payment system: Almost every customer are having the PayPal account but not assured everyone. Here they get the multiple payment option for purchasing the products online like Stripe, credit card, Pay, Check or Money order.
  • Contact shop owner: Yeah you got it right if the customer purchase the products online they may be tempt and eager to know about the status they can directly contact shop owner for discussion regarding any refunds, payments and transactions.
  • Shop banner: Each seller on the website could be able to create their own shop and separating their products into different categories and stores. Seller can manage their own shop by adding the profile picture and banner of the shop.
  • Gift card: Inviting the friends is smart one to land on our E-commerce and we get the idea of implementing the gift card invite to the friends by the current customer of our website. As a customer you can purchase and send the gift card to your friends and family anytime for any occasions or birthdays.
  • Coupon code: Customer can able to purchase the products with particular coupon code to get the reduced price from actual price by using the code while on the check out.
  • Community: Each user can able to create events, post news and creating team within the community in their own account dashboard. Also it will induces the users to make a friends circle within the community.
19 Jul 2019

How can I rent my hotels online like Airbnb?

Every business getting dazzling and bizarre customer attractions in every single success steps right in order. There is no privilege or any concession of achieving and grabbing the success market in the travel/hotel booking industry of course because your customers not only upgraded their mobile phones but also themselves. That’s only the reason every small business developing more hype and become trending in this modern era once they put their first footstep forward in their way. For your successful journey as a host or admin of any hotel booking platform like Airbnb just go straight away with our product Flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/) which really could make realize you the real time hotel booking website like Airbnb with more user-friendly and attractive features. In our Airbnb product you can get everything as a host, guest and admin which could exactly tempt you to opening the new and hot online hotel rentals/vacation rentals business. You may ask the question as Is this business trending one? Yeah it is hot and trending business to rent your hotel/room/home within this single solution of Airbnb clone Flyout which is developed by Bootsgrid technologies. Once if you would decide to kick start your business and shining like stars in the online vacation rentals business there is no other better option than opening the website like modern one same as Airbnb.

Airbnb Clone

Online hotel booking website:

First we go deep into this session why every people would like to booking the hotels online as a guest or renting their available places online because this is one of the divine boon for both guest and host to connect easily in a fraction of second. Once if the guest book any hotel via online in a next second there will be an notification sent to the host which makes them whether to accept the booking or not if they don’t want to rent their space to particular they could be able to avoid the booking and refund the amount to the particular guest. At the same time the guest could able to go with any other option for booking in the same location city or location which meets their sufficient amenities and budget. Also commission amount will be received by admin of the website from both guest and host with % or any flat price value it depends on their needs. Then in next session we switching over to features in our Airbnb clone product Flyout which we have recently optimized many new features. At this time may be as a host or as an admin doubt would be breaking your mind with is this responsive for mobile or with any devices? Yeah it will be more responsive with all devices also give better experience than the web applications. In these days many of the guests mostly book their space within a few clicks via mobile or smart phones.

Airbnb clone

Features in Flyout:

  • Sign in/signup: As a guest and host both can able sign in or signup with all social media options such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. LinkedIn sign in and sign up for the people those who want to put their step as professional.
  • Multiple features: Only reason for multiple payments and multi currencies option is to getting engagements with customers globally for both host and admin. Also for the guest there is more flexible options are waiting to consume for their convenience of paying via anything like PayPal, stripe and credit card.
  • Admin flexibility: If admin of the website could decide to change anything they go straight away to the back end and implement their changes as they want like changing colors, themes or enabling the languages, currencies, languages and payment methods because he/she has everything extra-ordinary things.
  • Mail Notification: E-mail notification alarming the users for every process once the guest booked the space and once the host listed their space. Not only e-mail notifications but also they could receive the message on their account inbox.
  • Max and min stay and calendar option: Host can decide when their space is available by using the calendar option while they listing the property or rental space and also they can able to enable the max and min stay of the house or rental space.
  • More Filtering options: Exactly for guest to find and grab the exact available properties/homes/rooms not only on their search location but also with the property type, pricing range, amenity filters and many filtering options on the search page to reach the exact point.
  • Multi photos and amenities: Host can able to add multiple numbers of photos of their property and amenities which they are having within their rentals space. They can specify which kind of property they are having like private, shared and entire.
  • Ratings and reviews: Once the guest check out the property or hotel or room they can able to provide their feedback as ratings and reviews of the hotel. Both as private and public share their feedback with each other.
  • Invite Friends via social media: Inviting the friends to the website is more extraordinary feature to increase the customer’s growth within short period via Google and Facebook. It leads to the person who invited their friends they can get more offers in the future days for both listing and booking.
27 May 2019
bootsmart multivendor marketplace

Why Online Multivendor Shop is Dazzling One?

We are now in this digitized revolutionary era so many business getting trending everyday as well and also it’s not an simply to seduce the right customers by approaching them in their marketplace. We should be as a business man finding the competitive brand or competitors to find our threat in optimizing the business and make a platform to shine over decade with by receiving the credit of wow-facto among the customers. Every business is seeking an right and smart solution to get at least some values on their product from the right audience so they could need some solution to make a move on stabilized growth on their business. I think you can head hunting to find some solution for opening any ecommerce website for your store stay cool here you can go with Bootsmart multivendor clone (https://bootsgrid.com/bootsmart-multivendor-script/) which is developed by Bootsgrid technologies. And of course you can get enormous of features on Bootsmart included of special features like sending Gift card and coupon code and so on. By opening an online store for store owners not only selling more products but also you may be getting more engagements all over the globe and you might be get some more insights of your online ecommerce store beyond your residence location.




Multivendor concept in ecommerce:

Yeah Many people may be still didn’t know about the multivendor ecommerce store and I think they may be not clear about it in ecommerce. Ecommerce store means everyone could be understand and get a clear clarity with that as online shopping store for specific purpose of selling particular items via online. But in multivendor concept everything the customer can purchase online and they can able to initiate the conversation regarding products with vendors of the shop which is in multivendor website for example (Flipkart, Amazon). Customers as shopper or buyer with great multivendor platform to purchase multiple products from multi stores on the website like Flipkart and Amazon. Now I hope you understand very clearly about the multivendor concept in this section. Just simply get in mind everyone gets everything in the multivendor website. Now we can gander about the multivendor website in detail. Many people are just thinking about the multivendor or any ecommerce website nothing beyond the functionality of buying the products and selling products online with few clicks on your smart phones or laptop and so on. Because there is many options and features are out there for both sellers and buyers in Flipkart we may take as example. If the buyer would like to purchase the items with any discount offers like getting coupons codes and also they can able to make their payment with any payment systems which is available on the site like PayPal, Stripe, PayU, Credit cards and COD many more payment methods are available.

Benefits of Multivendor website:

  • As a shop you can manage many numbers of products in your shop which you have created in online multivendor marketplace.
  • As a seller you could be able to get more traffic on your shop while especially in any seasonal or festival days and absolutely in weekends.
  • Multi-vendor shopping cart software enables you to develop an online platform that features several vendors. The options are many for customers, which will convince them to visit your site, instead of going to different individual stores. The presence of higher website traffic leads to more sales conversions and as a result, a higher return on investment.
  • Updates to the list of products can be easily made with multi-vendor shopping cart software. This does not require significant technical skills either. The core benefit of this is that no additional investments are required to make updates each time a new product or service is launched. Hence multi-vendor shopping cart software as a one-time investment, that brings continuous profits.
  • Many options and features for engaging with customers by receiving more website or shop traffics in the multivendor website. For store owners they can easily managing the bulk products and bulk orders within their shop.
  • Multi currency and multi language management for admin to have customers on their marketplace is the very vast feature in multivendor website. Nowadays everyone knows how to use new smart solution. So the admin can get more customers regardless of country, language and currencies.
25 May 2019

Vacation Rentals/Travels Business


Many business people head hunting everyday to start a new and very fresh business with their custom ideas and knowledge for that my suggestion is to opening the best vacation rentals business or any hotel booking business or any other rental business in this modern era. Yes here in the digitized era tech era there is only two business getting stunning the internet and trending at the level of best one is vacation rentals and other is ecommerce business by opening any online store or shop and selling more items. But for vacation rentals business is very hot and trending in the modern era since a decade over of 10 years. Because everyone is having mobile phones, Smartphone and so on they are updated with news and trending information on their hand via Smartphone within the fraction of seconds. Why this? Because the people need and expect two things one is smart work and quick solutions. So if you have any plan or idea to start the business just choose one option as vacation rentals or hotel booking websites or ecommerce multivendor websites. For setting up of successful websites based on your business whether it would be the rental booking website or ecommerce website the master among the software company is Bootsgrid Just pick their clone scripts for your business if your want kick start with the rental booking pick the Airbnb clone flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/ ) or otherwise if you want to start the ecommerce business pick the Bootsamrt multivendor clone (https://bootsgrid.com/bootsmart-multivendor-script/). So many room booking websites are out there on the internet like booking.com, Airbnb, Trivago and more. Choose your style and custom design before go with any software company clone scripts.

Vacation rentals business:

Vacation rentals business is sizzling and dazzling one in this modern era of course it would be very needed one for both business people and travel people. Because travel people need and expect something smart and simple app/mobile compatibility software to book their hotels on their destination hotels by simply booking on the “Book Now” button and “Pay now” button. On the other hand we may take any owner of vacation rental property they may have any wish to cover more destination places or people to take a glimpse on their property for at least booking budget comparisons purposes like Trivago.

And also vacation rentals business are not only focusing on the hotel booking or room booking business but also it may vary depends on various sectors like rental for cars, bikes, auto it’s slightly the concept might be vary of script which is developed by the developers. I am saying like that of Ola, Uber and more. Now we can switch over to why the vacation rentals business is still surviving and trending among the people within the section of Benefits of vacation rentals.

Benefits of  Vacation rentals business:

  • As a Hotel owner or host for your hotel you can directly approach with your guest and negotiate their queries over private conversations area.
  • Host or hotel owner can set the amount as their wish ( eg: room per night, per week etc and also set the amount as percentage rang or total amount).
  • Readily available to provide your best support to your guest at anytime by staying online and enquired with many queries from the customers easily at the same time.
  • For the guest they can able to their searches based on their required amenities in the hotel rooms and they can spend only if they found comfortable property based on their needs.
  • For the guest they can send any enquiries directly to the owner via online conversation or sending any e-mail to the host along with they can book their hotel at anytime, anywhere and book the hotel for any destination locations such as multi number of countries could be available on the website.
  • Easy online payment processing for both guest and host, as a guest they can able to make the payment for bookings via any online payment mode of Paypal, Credit card and stripe etc. Also the guest can manage their primary and secondary payment system for receiving the booking charges from the customers. It really defines the multi payment mode of transactions.
  • For host if they are having many number hotel rooms for rent they can just list their property as much as they can like in Airbnb and earn more along together by getting more customers geographically.
  • If you want to rent any other items or provide any custom facilities to the guest like sport equipments for different kinds of sports like athletics, tennis and cricket just customize the script with your requirements like the https://sportbnb.net
  • Managing of multi language option to reach more prospects in your rental business and getting engaged with them over night.
13 Dec 2018

Bootsmart – Multi Vendor Clone Script

In this Digital age civilization many stores are earning huge profit in their business by opening an online multivendor store to provide their customers with more offers on their products so that many people are adopted towards the Multivendor clone scripts and also they enhancing their business to the next level of online store like eBay, flipkart and Amazon etc. Yeah of course many clone scripts are available in online for your multivendor platform but you would like to pick the best like us our Bootsmart Multivendor clone scripts. Since we provide our customers with best solution and flexible to give you in any scripts like PHP, Code igniter clone scripts. So if you want to switch from your regular store to ecommerce the Bootsmart will hit strike in your mind. For getting low profit in your business reason is you couldn’t earn huge since your store is restricted to particular location and people know you those who are in your residence but one thing you should take into consideration is Global is a vast thing so people from one part of the might be reach you once you inaugurate your best ecommerce platform. So we can provide you the best shopping cart website with our BOOTSMART multivendor clone script.  This our Bootsmart not only benefits the buyer but also sellers and with this best multivendor clone script you can able to manage your own account without any support and also your customer can buy your products with the help of any payment gateway like Paypal, stripe, which supports international payment solutions etc. No worries in opening the best shopping cart website with bootsmart. By opening the Flipkart clone or Amazon multivendor clone script you not only sell your products to the existing customer but also getting more new customers to your online shop. It will enable you to give any festival offers, gift cards Flat price offers to your customers so with this you can sell more products and earn better profit. At this point you may ask me a wiquestion about Why My customers are wish to buy products online multivendor platforms like eBay, Amazon, flipkart etc? Yeah exactly they are ready to purchase any product from your ecommerce website rather than in your store since in this modern sophisticated life style people are hectic in their business, work home etc so that they may be like to make a shopping online in just spending of few minutes in it.


Key Services of Bootsmart

Easy Installation: We can take care of your installation process at fee of cost and provide best installation services to our customers . If you’re hassled in installation procedure no worries we are here to support in installation process with exciting features.

Fully Responsive: Yeah you read it right we provide fully responsive ecommerce multivendor clone script to our customers so they can able to access any products from any device since It fully developed with easy navigation features and our PHP multivendor clone script provide you the best user experience by providing unique easy interactions of users.

Make Customers Happy with Coupon & Gifts: Buying & selling the products not only intention of our multivendor marketplace but also we try to make customers happy and you too by providing the Gift cards, coupons to your customers. You can able to offer your customers with exciting gift cards, coupons.

Easy Customization: You can easily customize your shopping cart system with Bootsmart and it will provide you the best support in customization of any categories such as technical tweaks in any functionality or any particular changes can be done to your vendor system.

Secure Payment Gateway: We provide full secured payment gateways such as PayPal, stripe, Braintree etc which supports the international payment solutions so your customers can able make shopping with sanguine. Not only we provide these international payments but also we built some payment solution modules for your ecommerce site.

Social Media Integration: You and your customers can able to login with Facebook, twitter Gmail etc and It contributes to user convenience and user enrollment.

Multi Languages: You can able to use multiple languages on your PHP multivendor system based on your country and also it will enable you to use more 19 languages based on your country so no worries we can help you in managing the language son the admin panel.

Multi Currency: You can able to manage and use 31 currencies on your admin page based on your country. There is no issue in selling your products in online and don’t worry about the transaction of amounts of currencies.

Technologies: We Provide our Multi vendor clone script in PHP latest version and we built our ecommerce clone script in PHP Latest version with codeigniter and MVC(Model View Controller) and payment gateways are integrated with Paypal, Stripe and Brin tree and we can also able to provide clone script with payment gateways based on their needs.

Multiple Admin Management: You can create multi admin to your Multivendor clone script so you can add, edit, delete the subadmin to your ecommerce website. With Bootsmart you can use multiple admin to your best ecommerce platform.

Shipping Management: Our multivendor clone scripts allows the sellers to manage all the shipment process and prices of products very easily and It supports for every products in your online shopping cart website.

Shop Management: With this Multivendor clone the vendor can able to manage their shop and products in the dashboard. They can manage the shop details such as Banner, Logo, policies etc and also with this product vendor can get product review and shop review separately this is unique included in our Bootsmart. It enables the vendor to mange products, orders, withdraw everything from front end and they can also get their sales report, generate statements from the front end. Every seller gets their own store and separate URL. Vendor can able to manage the earning based on products and also they can export the order reports to CSV format. It allows the vendor to manage the order status as processed, shipped, delivered and vendor can manage everything from front end. Vendor can able to payment method like Paypal, stripe, credit card and cash on delivery and store the details. It allows the vendor to manage the shipping cost based on shipping location.

Vendor Management: Admin can manage both the customers and shop owners in the back end and They also manage his as well as every vendor’s earning reports individually. Admin can able to view each and every ratings and reviews which are left by the customers. They supports in manage offers and discounts for the products and at that same time they can also set expiry and restrictions for coupon code with the help of coupon control system management. Admin can customize the commission rates in the backend. It allows an admin to manage the tax rates based on locations. It enables an admin to manage the product complaints and shop complaints individually at the same time. They can overview orders and filter by sales, by date top vendor or top earner and admin can manage the product categories and attributes. It enables admin to manage the cancellation policies and social follows.