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20 Jan 2020

How can I develop my hotel business online?

Whenever rental business owners trying and striving many number of times to enhance their business with uncountable number of features which would ensures greater impacts and changes among the customers by listing their property and booking the property or hotels online. But nowadays people expecting more and multi number of features new and attractive one with smart functions to reduce the time consumption while they utilizing the app or rentals software online so for satisfying those user’s expectations only many rental owners or property owners knocking the door of development agencies to bigger opening of online rentals business like Airbnb. Here comes the best and ready made vacation rentals solution which is developed by Bootsgrid on PHP codeigniter framework and its name is Flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/). See now we would discuss more about the features and functionality are much needed to integrate with online rentals business as currently in Flyout.

Flyout vacation rentals script:

Flyout is not only just gateway or platform for listing the hotels online by host and booking of the property online by guest from another end but also it is an readymade php solution for those who are passionate in massive opening of rentals business online since it ensures more greater features and functionalities which are suitable for all online rental business. This PHP rentals solution allows the vacationers or travelers to search and find the best rentals and book online depends on their check in and check out date by using their payment options such as PayPal, Stripe and credit card online. After their stay at the specified and also from the other end this script enables the host to list their hotels or property online by providing description and listing out of amenities which are available within their property. Normally user could first signin/signup on the site either they are as guest or host maybe some of the users could do signin/signup by using any social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or any Google accounts and let them move over to the respective processes further.


  • Instant booking: Usually whenever the customer need to book property or hotel rooms need to accept by host through which them allowing guest to allocate the rooms but in some sort of emergency or any urgent need to book the hotels not needed to approve their booking by host.
  • Cover globally: In this modern era everyone getting attached with latest technological stuffs so many of us would like to do the things in fast manner. This rentals script is multi language supported and there is no restriction in using this regardless of country and language.
  • Max and minimum stay: Not every host allowing the guest to stay for maximum number of days or nights some may have providing the property for rent to only few members since it might be capable of spaces if they have to occupy members in count as minimum and  renta the property for minimum number of days.
  • Signup/sign in: Nowadays without social media we could feel like without hands so here providing multiple ways of signin or signup options to the users which are allowing them easily for take first footstep into the platform like providing signin/signup using Facebook, Twitter and Google for instantaneous signin or signup.
  • Multi payment system: As of now many payment methods are available online to book the property or list the property but almost highly preferred Payment methods of system are PayPal, Stripe, Credit card/debit card.
  • Mail and mobile notifications: For each functions from booking reservations by sending request to host and from other end host accepting reservation which is sent by guest admin will get notified via mail and mobile number.
  • Booking request: For booking the hotels or available property online guest once they reserved or booked the hotel it will be send as an request to the respective host who can decide to accept the reservation or not.
  • Accepting reservation: Except instant booking reservations host would need to respond for usual reservation request which are sent by guest after they booked by making payments. Accepting the reservation or ignoring its all in the hands of host. If they accepting the reservation then the can do it by providing the commission fee to admin.
  • Refunds and policies: If it in case of ignoring the reservation by host then the guest would get refunded amount from admin which are already paid for booking the hotel or property online.
  • Advanced search: With the help of smart search in Flyout guest can able to search by places, amenities and check in and checkout date and filtering the property based of price range and amenities which are provided by host and get the exact map  location depends on their search location with the help of Google Map integration.
19 Jul 2019

How can I rent my hotels online like Airbnb?

Every business getting dazzling and bizarre customer attractions in every single success steps right in order. There is no privilege or any concession of achieving and grabbing the success market in the travel/hotel booking industry of course because your customers not only upgraded their mobile phones but also themselves. That’s only the reason every small business developing more hype and become trending in this modern era once they put their first footstep forward in their way. For your successful journey as a host or admin of any hotel booking platform like Airbnb just go straight away with our product Flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/) which really could make realize you the real time hotel booking website like Airbnb with more user-friendly and attractive features. In our Airbnb product you can get everything as a host, guest and admin which could exactly tempt you to opening the new and hot online hotel rentals/vacation rentals business. You may ask the question as Is this business trending one? Yeah it is hot and trending business to rent your hotel/room/home within this single solution of Airbnb clone Flyout which is developed by Bootsgrid technologies. Once if you would decide to kick start your business and shining like stars in the online vacation rentals business there is no other better option than opening the website like modern one same as Airbnb.

Airbnb Clone

Online hotel booking website:

First we go deep into this session why every people would like to booking the hotels online as a guest or renting their available places online because this is one of the divine boon for both guest and host to connect easily in a fraction of second. Once if the guest book any hotel via online in a next second there will be an notification sent to the host which makes them whether to accept the booking or not if they don’t want to rent their space to particular they could be able to avoid the booking and refund the amount to the particular guest. At the same time the guest could able to go with any other option for booking in the same location city or location which meets their sufficient amenities and budget. Also commission amount will be received by admin of the website from both guest and host with % or any flat price value it depends on their needs. Then in next session we switching over to features in our Airbnb clone product Flyout which we have recently optimized many new features. At this time may be as a host or as an admin doubt would be breaking your mind with is this responsive for mobile or with any devices? Yeah it will be more responsive with all devices also give better experience than the web applications. In these days many of the guests mostly book their space within a few clicks via mobile or smart phones.

Airbnb clone

Features in Flyout:

  • Sign in/signup: As a guest and host both can able sign in or signup with all social media options such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. LinkedIn sign in and sign up for the people those who want to put their step as professional.
  • Multiple features: Only reason for multiple payments and multi currencies option is to getting engagements with customers globally for both host and admin. Also for the guest there is more flexible options are waiting to consume for their convenience of paying via anything like PayPal, stripe and credit card.
  • Admin flexibility: If admin of the website could decide to change anything they go straight away to the back end and implement their changes as they want like changing colors, themes or enabling the languages, currencies, languages and payment methods because he/she has everything extra-ordinary things.
  • Mail Notification: E-mail notification alarming the users for every process once the guest booked the space and once the host listed their space. Not only e-mail notifications but also they could receive the message on their account inbox.
  • Max and min stay and calendar option: Host can decide when their space is available by using the calendar option while they listing the property or rental space and also they can able to enable the max and min stay of the house or rental space.
  • More Filtering options: Exactly for guest to find and grab the exact available properties/homes/rooms not only on their search location but also with the property type, pricing range, amenity filters and many filtering options on the search page to reach the exact point.
  • Multi photos and amenities: Host can able to add multiple numbers of photos of their property and amenities which they are having within their rentals space. They can specify which kind of property they are having like private, shared and entire.
  • Ratings and reviews: Once the guest check out the property or hotel or room they can able to provide their feedback as ratings and reviews of the hotel. Both as private and public share their feedback with each other.
  • Invite Friends via social media: Inviting the friends to the website is more extraordinary feature to increase the customer’s growth within short period via Google and Facebook. It leads to the person who invited their friends they can get more offers in the future days for both listing and booking.
25 May 2019

Vacation Rentals/Travels Business


Many business people head hunting everyday to start a new and very fresh business with their custom ideas and knowledge for that my suggestion is to opening the best vacation rentals business or any hotel booking business or any other rental business in this modern era. Yes here in the digitized era tech era there is only two business getting stunning the internet and trending at the level of best one is vacation rentals and other is ecommerce business by opening any online store or shop and selling more items. But for vacation rentals business is very hot and trending in the modern era since a decade over of 10 years. Because everyone is having mobile phones, Smartphone and so on they are updated with news and trending information on their hand via Smartphone within the fraction of seconds. Why this? Because the people need and expect two things one is smart work and quick solutions. So if you have any plan or idea to start the business just choose one option as vacation rentals or hotel booking websites or ecommerce multivendor websites. For setting up of successful websites based on your business whether it would be the rental booking website or ecommerce website the master among the software company is Bootsgrid Just pick their clone scripts for your business if your want kick start with the rental booking pick the Airbnb clone flyout (https://bootsgrid.com/airbnb-clone-flyout/ ) or otherwise if you want to start the ecommerce business pick the Bootsamrt multivendor clone (https://bootsgrid.com/bootsmart-multivendor-script/). So many room booking websites are out there on the internet like booking.com, Airbnb, Trivago and more. Choose your style and custom design before go with any software company clone scripts.

Vacation rentals business:

Vacation rentals business is sizzling and dazzling one in this modern era of course it would be very needed one for both business people and travel people. Because travel people need and expect something smart and simple app/mobile compatibility software to book their hotels on their destination hotels by simply booking on the “Book Now” button and “Pay now” button. On the other hand we may take any owner of vacation rental property they may have any wish to cover more destination places or people to take a glimpse on their property for at least booking budget comparisons purposes like Trivago.

And also vacation rentals business are not only focusing on the hotel booking or room booking business but also it may vary depends on various sectors like rental for cars, bikes, auto it’s slightly the concept might be vary of script which is developed by the developers. I am saying like that of Ola, Uber and more. Now we can switch over to why the vacation rentals business is still surviving and trending among the people within the section of Benefits of vacation rentals.

Benefits of  Vacation rentals business:

  • As a Hotel owner or host for your hotel you can directly approach with your guest and negotiate their queries over private conversations area.
  • Host or hotel owner can set the amount as their wish ( eg: room per night, per week etc and also set the amount as percentage rang or total amount).
  • Readily available to provide your best support to your guest at anytime by staying online and enquired with many queries from the customers easily at the same time.
  • For the guest they can able to their searches based on their required amenities in the hotel rooms and they can spend only if they found comfortable property based on their needs.
  • For the guest they can send any enquiries directly to the owner via online conversation or sending any e-mail to the host along with they can book their hotel at anytime, anywhere and book the hotel for any destination locations such as multi number of countries could be available on the website.
  • Easy online payment processing for both guest and host, as a guest they can able to make the payment for bookings via any online payment mode of Paypal, Credit card and stripe etc. Also the guest can manage their primary and secondary payment system for receiving the booking charges from the customers. It really defines the multi payment mode of transactions.
  • For host if they are having many number hotel rooms for rent they can just list their property as much as they can like in Airbnb and earn more along together by getting more customers geographically.
  • If you want to rent any other items or provide any custom facilities to the guest like sport equipments for different kinds of sports like athletics, tennis and cricket just customize the script with your requirements like the https://sportbnb.net
  • Managing of multi language option to reach more prospects in your rental business and getting engaged with them over night.