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30 May 2019

Why UK Affordit Now Finance Integrated with Your e-Commerce?


Every eCommerce website owner in the mode of head hunting for discovering the new and fresh along with best UK finance solution to integrate with their eCommerce website. Of course many customers would expect some more unique and flexible payment or finance solution to make their purchase without any impediments. For this specific purpose only the store would preferred to buy and integrate some flexible finance solution for their customers which would make feel the customers comfortable and flexible while buying the products as in the wholesale. Are you an ecommerce shop owner? Would you like to integrate any UK payment and finance modules? Just go with this ( ) Many UK finance modules are available on the above link like Deko finance, Omni capital, Duologi, V12 retail finance and so on which highly benefits the eCommerce store owners and at the same time it would satisfy the eCommerce store’s customers by offering the flexible payment solution while on their purchase. Ecommerce store owners should have accountability for choosing the best finance integration which enables the customers to buy more products on the single order with more flexibility in payment.

Affordit now(Paybreak finance):

UK’s one of the most dominant finance integration company would you like to provide the best finance solution for eCommerce with the name of Affordit now and also it really benefits most of the eCommerce store owners and still it is an epic online finance solution for eCommerce shoppers. You may have a question about why it only the phenomenal finance solution? Many finance solutions are already available to buyers. Yes I would like to answer your question since many eCommerce customers expecting something different in flexibility of payment methods so it is only the flexible finance among the others. Mostly all the finance methods have the special unique features but not all providing the flexibility so that it may be useful for your customers to go with slogan of Buy now and Pay later. Afforditnow offers the secure, online alternative payment solutions that can be easily embedded into the eCommerce website to enable ePOS purchases. If you would need to optimize your eCommerce site, just integrate this effective payment option with your eCommerce store. There are four kind of afforditnow product are available we will look over on that below.



1) Afforditnow Flexible finance:

There is only two main concerns of the customers would be like to pick this finance solution like for saving the money and borrowing the money. If your customer would like to save their money since they are already having sufficient amount of money to purchase the product. If the customers would need some more money to purchase the products just pick another option as Borrowing with repayment schedule for repaying the borrowed amount is tailored to their specific needs.

2) Afforditnow Interest free finance:

For in this method of finance the customer don’t need to pay any interest for borrowing the money for their purchase and they only need to pay borrowed amount as it is.

3) Afforditnow Interest bearing:

A loan between lender and borrower which accrues interest over the pre-determined loan period. Borrowers promise to repay the principal balance as well as any accrued interest. So it benefits for both lender and buyer at the same time.

4) Afforditnow Buy now and pay later:

Buy Now Pay Later(BNPL) is really flexible – delay paying for purchases for a whole year when you spend £50 or more. Buy Now Pay Later is an interest bearing option. Avoid interest by paying the full cash price within the year. From this flexible finance option the customer could choose any method whether may be to spend the amount for whole year or paying the full cash within that year.

Key features:

  • An admin of the eCommerce website can easily enable or disable this module and everything they can manage in this module within the backend.
  • For customers in all the product pages they can able to see the Product finance calculator to do some calculation on the prices if they required.
  • And also they can able to choose the afforditnow finance options which we have seen earlier in this blog at check out page.
  • In admin panel the admin can able to set the minimum amount for afforditnow finance. And also using webhook within the module admin can automatically update the order of the status.
  • For customers If they want to see the demo/ test the afforditnow option before purchasing the item they can able to choose the test/live demo to see the functionality of module.
18 Jun 2018

Best WordPress Development Company

In this digital era, initial step to get into the technological world is through Website. In many business we would have visualised that inaugurating the website had made a great revolution. Because it acts as a  supporting appliance to rehab the primordial business. Before hands developers used to spend maximum time to develop the robust website with the framework.But, rightnow CMS has taken the crown in website development. It’s pretty fast and convenient to develop the website in wordpress.

You would be pretty aware about the needs and advantages of website for the business. So encountering the best company for the development is as significant as the need of the website.

Best WordPress Development Company

Bootsgrid is the website development company providing flawless, quality standard  technical support for the business. We meet the needs and requirements to hit triumph. We have hands on experience in opening the door for the digital world.  Understanding the essential demand of your customer and will work according to that.because we believe that your satisfaction is the stepping stone for our success.

Why Bootsgrid ?

  • We can develop the website from the scratch orelse if required we can optimise your website up to your requirement and offers diverse services
  • We have experienced and reliable team members to migrate the data and overhaul the site.
  • you can highly rely on us for wordpress extension development that is finely working and has rich features.
  • To meet the goals in business, we support you by providing the customisable design.
  • We are good in creating any websites like profit, nonprofit websites, blog or business websites with quality features
  • Also complete Installation and configuration support for the site is provided from our side.
  • Customisable and appealing website design that is powerful and interactive website is developed using our creative team.
  • Secure payment integration in the site according to the safety policy is enabled, which is hassle free and trustworthiness
  • We provide round clock support for the business so queries regarding your business and development can be cleared immediately.
  • We have supported generous number of clients on our path and earned their satisfied compliments
  • Also our extension plugin have increased thousands of website’s feature.

So you have handful of reason to choose bootsgrid for the wordpress development company. According to the requirement we listen and develop the website. To know more about the Bootsgrid and the website extension wordpress plugin we provide tap on the

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