Bootsgrid Licensing Disclosure

Bootsgrid License:
Bootsgrid Private Limited is reputed IT firm which is branded as one of top ecommerce solution provider running long journey so far by building, enhancing your business by providing digital files or software or applications or scripts. To make awareness about our license policy for illegally using purchased IT products regardless of scripts or applications or digital files on single or multiple websites or domains for same/different business platforms, here we need to disclose some of the license policies with you which should be followed while you getting into or after completing the business with us.

General Information:

  1. This Agreement comes into effect when the Customer completes the purchase of the Software at ( according to terms and conditions of Bootsgrid and receives a copy of the Software via Customer Account or other means at our discretion
  2. By purchasing the Software, the Customer acknowledges that they have read this Agreement, agree to the content of the Agreement and its terms, and agree to use the Software in compliance with this Agreement.

Licensing Policies:

  1. Bootsgrid is the sole intellectual property and copyright holder of the Software. All now known or hereafter known tangible and intangible rights, title, interest, copyrights and moral rights in and to the Software, all logical and technical components of Software constituting integral parts of such Software, including but not limited to object and source code, technical documentation, algorithms, databases, UI design components, images, videos, animations, audio, text, data are owned by us.
  1. The Software or a portion of it is Bootsgrid’s intellectual property and a copyrightable matter and is liable to protection by the law. Any Customer activities that infringe this Agreement and/or Bootsgrid Terms and Conditions, violate the intellectual property right and copyright and will be prosecuted in accordance with the applicable law.
  2. According to this Agreement, Bootsgrid grants the Customer a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to download, install and use the Software products or scripts or applications for their personal/business needs and purposes in accordance with this Agreement.
  3. This Agreement grants the Customer the right to use one copy any of our Software products or scripts per one domain or website in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
  4. The Customer agrees and accepts that the number of licenses purchased from Bootsgrid must at all times correspond to the number of Customers. This apply for all products or scripts or applications which is purchased from Bootsgrid.
  5. The Customer agrees and accepts that they will not use the any Software products or scripts or applications for any purposes other than their personal and/or business use and in strict accordance with the present Agreement and Bootsgrid Terms and Conditions.
  6. The Customer shall not give away, license, sub-license, sell, rent, lease, distribute, transmit, host, outsource, disclose or otherwise commercially exploit the Software products and Documentation, or make the whole Software products  or Documentation or part of it available to any third parties, including in the form of a resellable customized solution.
  7. The Customer must not remove or alter any brand, copyright, disclaimer, terms of use, attribution or any other proprietary notices or marks within any Software products, including but not limited to Bootsgrid branding in file names, class names, variables, texts, links or UI items.
  8. Bootsgrid shall not be liable to the Customer for any damages, including but not limited to loss of profit and/or saving, or identical, or consequential, caused to the Customer, Customer’s information and/or business entity, arising out of the use or inability to use the Software products.
  9. Bootsgrid shall not be liable for prosecution arising from the use of the Software products against the law or for any illegal activities by the Customer with the use of the Scripts or software products or applications.

License transfers:

  1. In case a necessity to transfer a license to a third party arises, the Customer must send a written request to Bootsgrid stating (a) the account email from which the transfer is requested; (b) the list of domains belongs to licenses to be transferred, including the Order ID and the date the order was completed; (c) the reason for the transfer; (d) the account email to which the transfer is requested.
  1. Bootsgrid shall request written consent from both account emails by sending a corresponding email notification.
  2. In case one or more account emails fail to provide the consent, the transfer shall not be completed.
  3. Bootsgrid reserves the right to deny the license transfer without stating further reasons.
  4. When once changed license to new domain from older one as received from customer request, never to put it back again on previous domain since its license for the same already cancelled by Bootsgrid.

Terms & Terminations:

  1. The Customer may withdraw from the license in cases when not following as of Information Technology Act (ITA- 2000) act which is under terms and conditions of Bootsgrid.
  1. Bootsgrid reserves the right to terminate Customer’s license in case such Customer fails to use any of our Software products  in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Agreement and/or Terms and Conditions.   All the products have subscription basis renew accordingly yearly or 2. 
  2. In case Bootsgrid initiates the termination of license as described hereby, the cost of the Software products are not refundable to the Customer. Check our Refund policies here (
  3. Regardless of the party initiating the termination of the license, the Customer shall uninstall and destroy any and all copies of the licensed Software products immediately after the termination and/or receiving the termination notice from Bootsgrid.
  4. In case the Customer continues to use the Software after the termination of the license, they hereby agree to accept an injunction to enjoin them from its further use and to pay all costs (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees) to enforce Bootsgrid’s revocation of Customer’s license and any damages suffered by Bootsgrid due to the misuse of the Software products.