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Magento Extension InstallationMagento Extension Installation

Magento Extension Installation

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There are massive collections of Magento extensions available out in market either in free and paid versions to extend from default running of store, but depends on store owner’s custom requirements may it would support or not here we make it function by customization as your needs. Some of them having less technical knowledge in installing new extensions, for their concern only we come along with idea of offering Extension installation service at affordable pricing. As a shop owner you cool and relax we could take care of installations by our experienced techies are here to support you timelessly. What we need to process the extension installaion
  • Magento Admin access
  • SSH access
  • Third party account if needed
  • Extension package path on your server location
Magento Maintenance ServiceMagento Maintenance Service

Magento Maintenance Service

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In business some hard times will occur unfortunately due to some technical fault which leads to losing potential customers and or in sometimes it totally destroy the business if we are not check it day to day like what things going around. If you’re magento store owner, everything fine in your system but it push you down on very essential time or days like on any seasonal offerings or festive sales or even in weekends. To take care this unexpected issues or bugs in real time Bootsgrid offering you this Magento Maintenance Services for quickly checking and fixing the problem right it immediately as prior one. Get Quote
Magento Payment Gateway IntegrationsMagento Payment Gateway Integrations

Magento Payment Gateway Integrations

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A payment gateway is third party in magento to capture every online payments and transactions which are happening in real time on your ecommerce store. Every magento store would assure customers with fast and secured online payment gateways are integrated to save their cards and build trust to visit back again. Make customers to trust your online store is very toughest task as store owner in many cases or scenarios but especially for online payment method and also its serious because as a customer, they afraid of giving payment details or credit/debit card details so choose the best payment gateway for your store and we will do the integration part. Get Quote
Magento Custom Extension DevelopmentMagento Custom Extension Development

Magento Custom Extension Development

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Magento is familiar open source CMS for building grand online store with some default options and settings. Beyond the default store operations, every store owner would like to enhance their shop with idea of integrating or implementing new features in magento via extensions. For your specific requirements of new functions may be available in the form of already built extensions but in case of not available or not developed modules yet. No problem! Here Bootsgrid offering you this Magento Custom Extension Development services for your custom functionalities, since we are having experienced team of magento developers internally work for you and build custom extensions which will surely meet with your function requirements. Get Quote
Magento Website Development ServicesMagento Website Development Services

Magento Website Development Services

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Ready to elevate your e-commerce game? Transitioning from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or seeking a superior e-commerce platform? Magento 2 stands as the ultimate solution, tailored for modern retail success. Our decade-long expertise in Magento ensures a seamless migration process. With a feature-rich ecosystem, Magento 2 amplifies your online business. Our specialized hosting solutions guarantee lightning-fast performance, complementing Magento's capabilities. Our UK-based tech experts provide round-the-clock support, optimizing your site's performance. Migrating to Magento 2 becomes hassle-free, supported by our design team, offering customization to match your brand or create a fresh, appealing design. The extensive library of modules ensures scalability and versatility for diverse business models. Consult with us for a top-notch, budget-friendly service and harness the power of Magento 2 for your e-commerce growth. Contact us today on (+91) 4524250241 or Manchester UK Office 0800 634 2803 Get Quote