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Duologi Retail FinanceDuologi Retail FinanceDuologi Retail Finance

Duologi Retail Finance

4.50 out of 5
Duologi Finance Magento Module: Duologi provide customized finance solutions that use clever technologies wisely, allowing your customers to spread the cost of your goods and services. Fanatical about your sales growth and always on hand for you and your customers. It offers solutions that are easy to manage and built with your business in mind. Key Features:
  • Increase in sales
  • Available product finance codes are automated.
  • Loans from £150-£25,000
  • 3-60 month loan terms
  • A variety of products from 0%
  • Deposits from zero up to 50%
  • Settle early with no penalties.
  • Products we offer

i) 0% Finance

ii) Interest bearing finance

iii) Buy now pay later

General Features:
  • Enable/Disable option for duologi finance module
  • Product Finance Calculator works instantly in all the product pages.
  • Choose finance options in duologi at checkout pages.
  • Automatically update of order status using webhook.
  • Customer can choose both Test/Live mode for duologi.
  • Set minimum finance amount for duologi finance in admin.
Note: Also we can do any customization in Duologi Retail Finance module as per your requirement. This product only available with installation package for all. Contact us for Installation, Customization and Support
Magento 1 PayPal Adaptive PaymentsMagento 1 PayPal Adaptive Payments

Magento 1 PayPal Adaptive Payments

4.81 out of 5
PayPal Adaptive Extension surely smoothen the process for store admin as admin can use the module in any way , in case of split payment all the payment will be divided among sellers. PayPal Adaptive Payment will split the payment among seller and admin dynamically. This module will work accurately with PayPal Parallel and Chained payment method. PayPal Adaptive Payment - Simple  Method: Simple payments enable a sender to send a single payment to a single receiver. This is sometimes considered a traditional payment, such as a payment from a buyer to a seller. PayPal Adaptive Payment - Parallel Method: When “Parallel Method” is selected by the admin from the back-end, then the payment from the customer is splitted among various receiver like admin and sellers. The payment directly goes into the PayPal account of seller and admin.
  • Payment from the buyer gets splitted among seller & admin.
  • Payment directly goes to the seller and admin account.
PayPal Adaptive Payment - Chained Method: When “chained method” is selected, then admin can get two option- instant and delayed. The primary receiver (admin) keeps some of the payment and pays the rest to one or more secondary receivers (sellers/vendors). Admin can select any one of them as the payment method. When “delayed” is selected from the back-end then whole payment comes to the admin (primary receiver). After keeping admin's commission, admin releases the seller's amount after some point of time. When “instant” is selected from the back-end, then whole payment will first go to the admin's account(primary receiver) and after that payment gets divided among the multiple seller (secondary receivers) and goes to the seller's account. Here the buyer will only see the payment summary of the Admin.
  • Admin can select either instant or delayed.
  • In “instant” method, payment comes to the primary receiver (Admin) and then goes to the sellers.
  • In “delayed” method, payment comes to the primary receiver( admin) and then admin releases the seller's amount manually.
  • In Chained Payment, buyer will only see the payment summary of the Admin.
Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2

Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2

4.70 out of 5
Customers to browse large sets of products quickly and intuitively is mission-critical for your Magento store. Bootsgrid Layered Navigation provides a solution to this problem. It allows your users to jump directly and instantly to whatever they are interested in. A vast improvement over the default Magento layered navigation with multiple-categories filter, attribute filter, visual price slider, visual color swatch and more. Key Features:
  • Easy to find and display products based on category and sub-categories.
  • Multiple Attributes Filter - User can filter the products by multiple attribute.
  • Visual Price Slider - Allows to display price navigation as scrollable range slider, thus the customers can easily search the store catalog by price.
  • Visual Color Swatch - Swatches can be defined as a component of the visual color attribute or text-based value.
  • Instant Filter Results - Displays the number of matching records found instantly, without any page reloads. When each filter option is checked and counted against every product in category, the pagination and results sorting will be updated instantly.
  • Free Shop by Brand Addon - Users can create a separate brand page with a handy A-Z filter quickly, a go-to destination for users to find new collections and brands that they know and trust. It lets you feature a subset of top brands on a slideshow flexibly across any CMS page, static block at your choice.
  • Brands in the Layered Navigation sidebar - Allow shoppers to view products by brand in addition to attribute filters, via either visual swatch or text swatch.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Bootsgrid Layered Navigation ensure all category pages visible to search engines & avoid drawbacks of duplicate content.
  • Themes Support - Compatible with any magento2 responsive themes.
  • Tailor menu and filters' display to your needs
  • Generate SEO-friendly URLs and brand pages
  • Let customers filter products by brands
  • Speed up product filtering with AJAX
  • Use sliders and widgets for numeric attributes
  • Fully optimized for mobile
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Magento 2 PayPal Adaptive PaymentsMagento 2 PayPal Adaptive Payments

Magento 2 PayPal Adaptive Payments

0 out of 5
Adaptive payments handles payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment.Multi-Vendor PayPal Adaptive payment strengthens the payment section of the marketplace by providing an online payment feature.Using this adaptive payment merchant can smoothly manage the admin to vendor commission transaction.Site owner will get his commission and shipping amount for the orders. Note: Ordered amounts & admin commission calculation will be done by based on your magento market place. Paypal Adaptive Payment types : Adaptive Payments provides several kinds of payment: Simple, Parallel, and Chained payments. Simple payments: Simple payments enable a sender to send a single payment to a single receiver. For example, your website can use an Adaptive Payments payment flow to transfer money resulting from a sale from your customer's PayPal account to your own account. This is the traditional kind of payment. Parallel Payments: Parallel payments enable a sender to send a single payment to multiple receivers. For example, your application might be a shopping cart that enables a buyer to pay for items from several merchants with one payment. Your shopping cart allocates the payment to merchants that actually provided the items. PayPal then deducts money from the sender's account and deposits it in the receivers' accounts. Chained Payments: Chained payments enable a sender to send a single payment to a primary receiver. The primary receiver keeps part of the payment and pays secondary receivers the remainder. For example, the primary receiver receives $100 from the sender's perspective. The primary receiver actually receives only $10 and passes a total of $90 to secondary receivers, Receiver 2 and Receiver 3.
Request for best priceRequest for best priceRequest for best price

Request for best price

4.95 out of 5
Magento Request for the best price module Request for best price magento module is the unique and best marketing module. There will be a option in the product detail page button called “ Request for the best price “ below add to cart button. Customer can select option either Add to cart or Request for the best price. Can also called call for the price, Request for the price, call for price, request for price etc… Can see many module  like this in the globe but this is different and unique functionality to attract your customer by your own price. Key Features:
  • If customer selects Request for the best price option, Pop up will show and getting information like name and email. Customer should be logged in the store if not should be register
  • Once submit the request email will send automatically to the customer with coupon code for the particular user.
  • Customer can able to use the coupon code in the particular product page.
  • In admin panel there will be two options for Request for best price.
  • To apply this feature to All products and the selected products.
  • If you select (Request best price apply for all products) will apply discount percentage for all product.
  • If you select (Request best price apply for Selected products) and you can enable from the product edit page and set the Percentage or fixed discount ( To enable, Disable, set percentage or fixed amount go to product edit page and configure it from Request best price menu ).
  • Easy to implement this module, Easy back end option’s
  • Request for the best price module is the great and unique marketing your products
  • Can give the discount as the sale price
  • Customer can use this coupon code only one time per user per product.
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