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Request for best price

4.95 out of 5
Magento Request for the best price module Request for best price magento module is the unique and best marketing module. There will be a option in the product detail page button called “ Request for the best price “ below add to cart button. Customer can select option either Add to cart or Request for the best price. Can also called call for the price, Request for the price, call for price, request for price etc… Can see many module  like this in the globe but this is different and unique functionality to attract your customer by your own price. Key Features:
  • If customer selects Request for the best price option, Pop up will show and getting information like name and email. Customer should be logged in the store if not should be register
  • Once submit the request email will send automatically to the customer with coupon code for the particular user.
  • Customer can able to use the coupon code in the particular product page.
  • In admin panel there will be two options for Request for best price.
  • To apply this feature to All products and the selected products.
  • If you select (Request best price apply for all products) will apply discount percentage for all product.
  • If you select (Request best price apply for Selected products) and you can enable from the product edit page and set the Percentage or fixed discount ( To enable, Disable, set percentage or fixed amount go to product edit page and configure it from Request best price menu ).
  • Easy to implement this module, Easy back end option’s
  • Request for the best price module is the great and unique marketing your products
  • Can give the discount as the sale price
  • Customer can use this coupon code only one time per user per product.
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