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AMEX Pay With Bank Transfer magento2AMEX Pay With Bank Transfer magento2AMEX Pay With Bank Transfer magento2

AMEX Pay With Bank Transfer magento2

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AMEX Pay With Bank Transfer - Users can make payments in online stores through the Magento American Express (AMEX Pay With Bank Transfer) payment extension. This Magento Pay With Bank Transfer Amex extension provides seamless integration of the American Express checkout page with the online store.Magento being a mature eCommerce platform provides stable and secure Payment gateway extensions. The Magento Amex Pay With Bank Transfer extension ensures excellent security features for the customer and great admin features like easy installation and ease of use for the merchant.Pay with Bank transfer enables Customers to check out easily and securely by using their existing online bank account for direct bank payments. It is cost effective and easy to incorporate, with an intuitive integration that works within your existing payment journeys. Key Features:
  • Fully integrated into Magento’s Order processing workflow.
  • Avail a wide range of payment method options supported by Amex Pay With Bank Transfer.
  • Multistore, Multi-Language, & Multi-Currency Supported.
  • Supports one step checkout.
  • Supports PSD2(Payment Services Directive) – encourage payment innovation and enforce data security.
  • Identifies potentially fraudulent transactions in real time and helps you lessen frauds and chargebacks.
  • Automatic status update of order using webhook notification.