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Magento 2 Request for Best PriceMagento 2 Request for Best PriceMagento 2 Request for Best Price

Magento 2 Request for Best Price

4.84 out of 5
Magento 2 Request for Best Price: Request for Best Price module is providing a way for online shoppers to bargain the price. If a customers want to buy a product, your listed price looks high for the customers, they will simply leave and look for a better deal. In such situations this module helps your customers to request for best price and buy more products with best deals. Can see many module like this in the globe but this is different and unique functionality to attract your customer by your own price. Key Features:
  • Customers can submit a request for best price with an account.
  • Customers can receive a coupon code for a selected product via submitted email.
  • Customer can use this coupon code only one time per user per product and get a discount price.
  • Admin can add discount percentage for products and customize the percentage in from backend configuration.
  • Admin can select an enable request for best price options for all products/particular products.
  • Admin selected an enable particular products, he can choose a Enable/Disable option for every products separately.
  • This feature can be displayed on product page.
  • Request for the best price module is the great and unique marketing your products.
Magento 2 Lazy Load and Ajax ScrollMagento 2 Lazy Load and Ajax ScrollMagento 2 Lazy Load and Ajax Scroll

Magento 2 Lazy Load and Ajax Scroll

4.80 out of 5
Lazy Load Magento2 module: Lazy Load Images Extension is used for Improves your site’s performance by loading your product images on demand. Lazy Load Image is the best way to save your web server resources. It will load your images, as you scroll down. Key Features:
  • Optimizes Magento 2 site speed.
  • Improve Google page ranking - friendly code strings, which promotes site rank in the SERPs.
  • Load Magento 2 images with beautiful transition when customers scroll down the page.
  • Offload for the server (reduce server requests) and save bandwidth.
  • Upload desired loading icons.
  • Lazy load images with smooth blur effect transition.
  • Set advanced time point for loading images.
  • Reduce Loading Time.
  • Enable/ Disable Lazy Load For Each Page.
Ajax Scroll Magento2 Module: Infinite scroll for Magento 2 automatically loads product catalog without reloading the page. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised with supportive navigation and high performance of your web store. Key Features:
  • Automatically loading
  • Show “Loading” Button
  • Possibility to give links to any place of the page
  • Place navigation bar in any location at the page.
  • Similar technique as seen on Twitter, Face book
  • Increase the conversion rate at your store.
  • Easy to Change Button and Loading Text
  • View product details without losing your current position
  • Use in category page and search page
  • Magento 2 Ajax scroll without interruption
  • Freely Scroll down & See what page of the catalog they're on
Magento 2 Instagram WidgetMagento 2 Instagram WidgetMagento 2 Instagram Widget

Magento 2 Instagram Widget

4.88 out of 5
Magento 2 Instagram Widget: Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world with the great opportunities for e-Commerce. Integration with social media is a must in modern online selling. It improves customer experience with your store. With our Instagram Widget you can easily integrate this service into your store to get closer to the customers. Key Features:
  • Instagram Widget you can easily integrate this service into your store to get closer to the customers.
  • Enable/Disable mode, Easy and simple configuration.
  • Display the Instagram feeds by User Id.
  • Display Count of Likes and Comments for post.
  • Responsive owl carousel slider with autoplay & autoplayHoverPause for Instagram feeds.
  • Display Instagram feeds widget to any page in the website.
  • Set any number of image blocks can be shown.
Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2

Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2

4.70 out of 5
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Customers to browse large sets of products quickly and intuitively is mission-critical for your Magento store. Bootsgrid Layered Navigation provides a solution to this problem. It allows your users to jump directly and instantly to whatever they are interested in. A vast improvement over the default Magento layered navigation with multiple-categories filter, attribute filter, visual price slider, visual color swatch and more. Key Features:
  • Easy to find and display products based on category and sub-categories.
  • Multiple Attributes Filter - User can filter the products by multiple attribute.
  • Visual Price Slider - Allows to display price navigation as scrollable range slider, thus the customers can easily search the store catalog by price.
  • Visual Color Swatch - Swatches can be defined as a component of the visual color attribute or text-based value.
  • Instant Filter Results - Displays the number of matching records found instantly, without any page reloads. When each filter option is checked and counted against every product in category, the pagination and results sorting will be updated instantly.
  • Free Shop by Brand Addon - Users can create a separate brand page with a handy A-Z filter quickly, a go-to destination for users to find new collections and brands that they know and trust. It lets you feature a subset of top brands on a slideshow flexibly across any CMS page, static block at your choice.
  • Brands in the Layered Navigation sidebar - Allow shoppers to view products by brand in addition to attribute filters, via either visual swatch or text swatch.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Bootsgrid Layered Navigation ensure all category pages visible to search engines & avoid drawbacks of duplicate content.
  • Themes Support - Compatible with any magento2 responsive themes.
  • Tailor menu and filters' display to your needs
  • Generate SEO-friendly URLs and brand pages
  • Let customers filter products by brands
  • Speed up product filtering with AJAX
  • Use sliders and widgets for numeric attributes
  • Fully optimized for mobile
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