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Klaviyo Magento2 ExtensionKlaviyo Magento2 ExtensionKlaviyo Magento2 Extension

Klaviyo Magento2 Extension

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Klaviyo: Klaviyo's software ties together everything companies know about their customers, processes massive quantities of data in real-time, and uses this data to drive a platform that’s part CRM, part analytics engine, and 100% an email platform that gets results. Installing this extension enables your store to send user activity data to Klaviyo when someone creates an account and signs in, is active on your website, views a product page, or starts a checkout. Klaviyo Features:
  • When a customer creates an account and signs in, his/her email, first name, and last name will get sent to Klaviyo
  • New - Admin can sync all orders with order Id, order status, & payment method to klaviyo by single click
  • New - Admin can filter the orders list by order Id, order status, & payment method in klaviyo
  • When an identifiable user visits your website, a 'Active on Site' metric will get tracked to this/her Klaviyo Profile
  • When an identifiable user visits your website and views a product page, a 'Viewed Product' metric will get tracked to his/her Klaviyo Profile along with the following details:
    1. Categories associated with the viewed product
    2. ImageURL for the viewed product
    3. Name of the viewed product
    4. ProductID of the viewed product
    5. SKU of the viewed product
    6. URL of the viewed product page
  • When someone starts the checkout process and provides an email address, a 'Checkout Started' metric will get sent to Klaviyo and tracked to the person's Klaviyo profile
    1. Klaviyo's Magento 2 integration syncs all placed order data - paired with 'Checkout Started' event tracking, you can then send Abandoned Cart emails to those that begin the checkout process but do not go on to place an order
  • When a site visitor opts-in through a Magento signup form, you can choose to automatically sync these subscribers to a Klaviyo list of your choice automatically; if someone opts-out through Magento, this person will also automatically get unsubscribed in Klaviyo
  • Klaviyo's Magento Extension v1.0.3 adds the ability to scope both web tracking and Newsletter subscriptions from specific stores to the appropriate Klaviyo account