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Magento Delivery Date And TimeMagento Delivery Date And TimeMagento Delivery Date And Time

Magento Delivery Date And Time

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Delivery Date And Time: Magento Delivery Date And Time  extension allows your customers to choose delivery date and time to receive the order as per their convenience. This extension is an advanced feature which placed at your checkout page. The customers can select their preferred delivery date and time to receive orders at their convenient date and time.  They can also add comments or instructions to the store admin or delivery person before delivery. This extension makes an easy delivery and simplifies order management for customers. Key Features:
  • Admin can enable/disable the module through store configuration.
  • Admin can able to select multiple days off (of a week)
  • Admin can able to create/edit/delete/add  multiple dates off (of a year)
  • Admin can able to create/edit/delete/add delivery time.
  • Option to show the delivery date in the sales order grid.
  • Both the delivery date/time and delivery comments fields are optional to the customers during checkout.
  • Customer can`t select previous dates, disable days and dates form front-end for delivery products.