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Magento 2 PayPal Adaptive PaymentsMagento 2 PayPal Adaptive Payments

Magento 2 PayPal Adaptive Payments

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Adaptive payments handles payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment.Multi-Vendor PayPal Adaptive payment strengthens the payment section of the marketplace by providing an online payment feature.Using this adaptive payment merchant can smoothly manage the admin to vendor commission transaction.Site owner will get his commission and shipping amount for the orders. Note: Ordered amounts & admin commission calculation will be done by based on your magento market place. Paypal Adaptive Payment types : Adaptive Payments provides several kinds of payment: Simple, Parallel, and Chained payments. Simple payments: Simple payments enable a sender to send a single payment to a single receiver. For example, your website can use an Adaptive Payments payment flow to transfer money resulting from a sale from your customer's PayPal account to your own account. This is the traditional kind of payment. Parallel Payments: Parallel payments enable a sender to send a single payment to multiple receivers. For example, your application might be a shopping cart that enables a buyer to pay for items from several merchants with one payment. Your shopping cart allocates the payment to merchants that actually provided the items. PayPal then deducts money from the sender's account and deposits it in the receivers' accounts. Chained Payments: Chained payments enable a sender to send a single payment to a primary receiver. The primary receiver keeps part of the payment and pays secondary receivers the remainder. For example, the primary receiver receives $100 from the sender's perspective. The primary receiver actually receives only $10 and passes a total of $90 to secondary receivers, Receiver 2 and Receiver 3.