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Magento 2 Worldpay Business Payment ModuleMagento 2 Worldpay Business Payment ModuleMagento 2 Worldpay Business Payment Module

Magento 2 Worldpay Business Payment Module

4.80 out of 5
Worldpay Business Payment Module: The extension supports secure credit card payment ("Select Junior") including callback functionality. The extension provides Worldpay payment integration which enables seamless payment processing through an existing business account. Worldpay supports more than 120 currencies so you can seamlessly accept payments from almost every country of the world. Enjoy more sales from a wide customer base due to multi-currency support. Make your purchase now If your backoffice URL starts with ( and It only works with installation Id (Check in your worldpay backoffice) Key Features:
  • Enable/Disable option for worldpay business payment module.
  • Add your own title for the worldpay payment gateway.
  • Enter your payment response password and MD5 secret key for secured worldpay checkout.
  • Customers security, protecting their card data.
  • Admin can see all worldpay transaction details in orders page backend.
  • Gives security, with access to our full range of fraud prevention services.
  • Admin can choose both Test/Live mode for worldpay payment.
  • Customers are redirected to a hosted payment page to complete the payment.
  • Admin can decide the request type for worldpay payment (Authorize (or) Preauthorize).
  • Enter installation id and signature parameters are received while registration for Worldpay business account.
  • No PCI DSS Certification is needed, since all payment data is transmitted via Worldpay's payment form.
  • Automatic order status update after successful completion of the payment.
  • Add custom page with current order status while return back to your website.
  • Add return url is in plugin (Don’t need to set url in worldpay backoffice).
  • ‘MOTO' (Admin order) support.
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Magento 2 Worldpay Payment ModuleMagento 2 Worldpay Payment Module

Magento 2 Worldpay Payment Module

4.69 out of 5
WorldPay Online Payment Module: Bootsgrid integrates Worldpay online payment gateway with Magento 2 to accept secure online payments. Worldpay payment service assures customers of a payment process that is free from any threats!. This extension allows you to make secure payments using Direct payment option of Worldpay Payment Gateway for all your online shopping needs. It supports all Credit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, AE, JCB, etc. Worldpay Payment extension for Magento 2 is also beneficial to drive more sales!. Please make sure your worldpay backoffice URL start as ( once before you going to purchase here. Key Features:
  • Supports Authorize Only, Authorize & Capture (Sale), Void and Refund.
  • Supports major card types to complete payment through online card methods.
  • Fully integrated into Magento's Order processing workflow.
  • Avail a wide range of payment method options supported by Worldpay.
  • Multistore, Multi-Language, & Multi-Currency Supported.
  • PCI DSS compliance.
  • Identifies potentially fraudulent transactions in real time and helps you lessen frauds and chargebacks.
  • Allows saving the card details for future transactions.
  • Supports one step checkout.
  • Capture 3D secure online payments.
  • Supports PSD2(Payment Services Directive) - encourage payment innovation and enforce data security.
  • Automatic status update of order using webhook notification.
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