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Opencart V12 Retail FinanceOpencart V12 Retail FinanceOpencart V12 Retail Finance

Opencart V12 Retail Finance

5.00 out of 5
Opencart V12 Retail Finance The customer can purchase goods or services and spread the cost through monthly installments. Finance can be interest free or interest bearing. Terms range from 3 months to 60 months. The customer can apply either in your store or at home via your website. The process is quick and straightforward and with V12 the customer can have a decision in seconds. The V12 application process has been designed with mobile in mind so your customer can apply for finance on any device. V12 Finance Packages:
  • Interest Free Credit – 0% APR
  • Classic Credit – From 7.9% to 19.9% APR
  • Buy Now Pay Later
General Features:
  • Enable/Disable option for V12 finance payment module.
  • Product Finance Calculator works instantly in all the product pages.
  • Choose finance options in V12 at checkout pages.
  • Automatically update of order status using web-hook.
  • Retrieve finance products automatically in your account to admin.
  • Customer return back to the website after complete the payment.
  • User can add default deposit percentage & product code.
  • Show lowest monthly payment amount in all product pages.
  • Admin can use sort order to change position of payment in checkout page.
  • Set minimum finance amount for V12 finance in admin.
  • Choose the finance products you want in admin.
Note: "Please ensure before you purchase this module that you have the necessary approval from V12 Retail Finance. If you are not already approved by V12 Retail Finance, please contact 02920 468918 or click here to Contact v12 finance." Also we can do any customization in V12Finance integration as per your requirement. This product only available with installation package for all and also we had partnership with V12 finance they will provide quick support if we approach them for any queries on your behalf. For any customization if you required with this module we can do at separate charges Customization we can do:
  • Enable/disable finance per product all over the site.
  • Choose finance package per product.
  • Set conditions for finance packages based on product price ranges.
  • Smart finance calculator customization with different deposit %.
  • Custom design implementation with finance calculator.
Note: Also we can do any customization in V12Finance integration as per your requirement. Contact us for Installation, Customization and Support