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Magento Part Finder ModuleMagento Part Finder Module

Magento Part Finder Module

5.00 out of 5
It will get filter by catalog products with configurable attributes. No need to import values to finder separately, This is the unique difference & feature from other competitor module. Products part finder is a advanced search module, users can easily search products by attributes. Easy-to-use product finder is an essential feature for online stores selling spare car parts or accessories Creating attributes like Make-Model-Variant-Year and you can also add any other additional attributes in back end and  it will filter one attribute by another and fetch the products. Key Features:
  • Shows the parts finder module on any location in your store
  • No need to import values to finders Individually.
  • Import normally for catalog products with configurable attributes
  • Customize the display filters
  • Attributes will sort by alpha
  • Can search the products by known options.
  • Easy attributes configuration on backend
  • Adding Make-Model-Variant-Year and similar attributes
  • After 1st dropdown box is complete, then filter the values by corresponding category and available to use next dropdown filter
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