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Magento Stripe Subscriptions PaymentMagento Stripe Subscriptions PaymentMagento Stripe Subscriptions Payment

Magento Stripe Subscriptions Payment

4.94 out of 5
Stripe Subscriptions Payment Module: Stripe Subscriptions is an module to Stripe Payment which extends its functionality to allow merchants sell subscriptions using the Stripe payment gateway. Magento as a powerful subscriptions platform for both physical products and virtual services. Key Features:
  • The module allows merchants to sell subscriptions for Magento virtual, simple, grouped, bundled and configurable products.
  • Subscriptions can be ordered in multiple quantities and can have variable shipping costs and tax.
  • An appropriate subscription plan is automatically created in your Stripe account depending on the amount.
  • Supports initial/setup fees only charged with the first payment.
  • Customers can cancel, pause or resume (suspend or activate) subscriptions from their account. Pausing/resuming subscriptions can be enabled or disabled from the configuration.
  • Magento admins can also cancel, pause or resume subscriptions from the Magento admin area.
  • Subscriptions can be purchased together with regular products (normally not possible with Magento® recurring profiles).
  • Subscriptions can be used in bundled and grouped products in combination with regular products.
  • Supports custom product options for subscriptions.
  • Fixes Magento totals which normally do not add subscriptions price in the Grand Total.
  • When a subscription is canceled through Stripe, Stripe Webhooks will also cancel the recurring profile in Magento.