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WooCommerce Extra Product OptionsWooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce Extra Product Options

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£ 49.00
This plugin about to describe to the add extra option in product edit page and view. You can purchase You want and like type of products. Features :
  • This plugin supports check-boxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text-areas, input boxes upload, date, range picker and color picker.
  • Lazy load images for radios and check-boxes.
  • Change product image for radios and check-boxes.
  • Price per character feature for text-fields and text-areas.
  • Extra styling for radios and check-boxes.
  • Performance increase for big number of options.
  • Image replacement for check-boxes and radio button on Global Options
  • Choose the grid display for check-boxes and radio button for Global Options
  • Hide or show prices
  • Display sections options as a pop up
  • Conditional logic for fields and sections within the form builder.
  • Sections can be displayed normally, as a pop up or a slider.
  • Upload manager
  • Compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher (aelia_co).
  • Compatible with Woothemes Composite Products.
  • Compatible with Woothemes Bookings.
  • Compatible with Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator.
  • Compatible with Woothemes WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Compatible with Woothemes WooCommerce Quick View, WooCommerce Quickview, Yith Quick view plugin, Flatsome theme quick view, Venedor theme quick view, Kleo theme quick view, Rubbez_theme quick_view.
  • Compatible with Woothemes Measurement Price Calculator
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher. Fixed prices per currency are not supported.
  • Compatible with Wooquotation Prices can change depending on the selected variation for per product options.
  • Global enabled options.
  • Form Fields Builder
  • Show your options from outside WooCommerce product screen using action hooks
  • Show your option anywhere on the product page.
  • Enable the options for specific roles.
  • Choice between fixed or percentage price increase
  • Limit check-box selection
  • Exact selection feature for check-boxes
  • Import/export functions to forms.
Woocommerce molpay payment pluginWoocommerce molpay payment plugin

Woocommerce molpay payment plugin

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£ 29.00
MOLPay Easy Payment Scheme aims to assist the merchants to sell more by helping online. This plugin is helping you sell online using MOLPAY by checking out credit card one-time payment settlement.MOLPay Gateway Plugin allows the WooCommerce to accept credit card payments without worrying the Customers Credit Cards Details which are taken care by the MOLPay. It is simple to setup on any e-commerce store and also, convenient and secure for online buyers to use. MOLPay offers a wide range of e-commerce payment solutions Key Features:
  • Easy to manage the backend options.
  • Can set the merchant information in backend.
  • To manage the order history
  • Using woocommerce for Molpay and much more!
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Wordpress Checkout Form pluginWordpress Checkout Form plugin

WordPress Checkout Form plugin

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£ 39.00
Wordpress form checkout is the unique plugin that customers can pay using form and able checkout using paypal, stripe and Paypast. Web owners use this form for getting payment for services, customer request, extra product services, utilities, etc... Features :
  • Once completed the back end setting and enable the payments it will show in front end form.
  • Customer enter our details and give our transferred amount to receivers  PayPal or stripe or pay fast payment account.
  • Back end order section, Can see the orders and related things.
  • Payment settings for Stripe.
  • Payment settings for Paypal.
  • Payment settings for Payfast.
  • User can transfer our amount to receiver account throughout the world.
  • Simple form application & easy checkout.